An open framework created for the financial services industry.

F2 is an open and free web integration framework that has been designed to help you and other financial industry participants develop custom solutions that combine the best tools and content from multiple providers into one, privately-labeled, seamlessly integrated front-end.

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Last updated April 7, 2014

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Released April 7, 2014

F2 is a framework that you can use to build:

  • Customized solutions that include only the content, tools, and providers that you want

  • Private-labeled solutions that are true to your design standards and branding elements

  • User-customized experiences that remember each user's entitlements and preferences

  • Reusable objects that you can develop once and use cross-platform on web, tablet and mobile devices

  • A multi-vendor desktop that enables each vendor to use a shared authentication scheme and to communicate context to each other so that they can act together as one

F2 enables all of us to build exactly the financial solutions that our customers want. Using this framework, you can efficiently create fully integrated, multi-vendor, multi-asset class and multi-channel Apps, and deploy them in as many different App ecosystems as you want.