Redefining web integration for the financial services community

Using F2, firms can develop their own solutions that combine tools and content from multiple providers into a single, seamlessly integrated front end.

Problems Solved by F2


F2 provides a standard mechanism for integration across organizations, teams, and third parties, allowing companies to work together smoothly.


Using F2, developers can build once and deploy to any F2-enabled platform on any device, eliminating the need for duplicative work.


Unlike with a closed monolithic system, F2 allows platform owners to progressively make enhancements and migrate users and tools gradually as time and resources allow.

Benefits of F2

Reduced time to market

Using F2, developers can work off of a shared standard specification to quickly build Apps. In addition, firms can immediately deploy their products to one or many F2-enabled platforms, meaning a shorter time to market.

Quick iterations

F2 allows for multiple quick iterations based on user feedback or changing business needs. Using F2, firms can compete on features, make enhancements, or switch content providers with little risk.


In an F2-enabled platform, Apps can communicate and pass information to each other without revealing sensitive user information to a third party provider.

F2 Advisory Board Members