F2 Advisory Board Members

How do I join the Advisory Board?

F2 Advisory Board Mission Statement

The F2 Advisory Board plays an important role in the governance and direction of Open F2 in the financial services industry and the open source community.

The Purpose of the F2 Advisory Board

  • An important part of making Open F2 successful and valuable to you, is to make the spec be a living thing, to make it evolve to meet the needs of your organizations.
  • Another purpose of this board is to make sure that the spec can’t be taken over, or won’t be co-­opted by one company.
  • We have shared contact information with all of the respective members of the Advisory Board, to facilitate an open conversation in an independent spirit for F2.
  • We believe, and have learned that we all need F2, and that we all will benefit by adopting a standard that will make it easier for us to leverage our capabilities for multiple platforms and multiple clients and with multiple information providers.
  • To maintain and convey F2 as open and free, and ensure wide adoption.
  • If you or your teams ever find F2 unable to handle a problem that you believe it should, the Advisory Board is the forum in which to raise that problem.

The Purpose of the Advisory Board Meeting

  • The purpose of this meeting is to keep the commitment that was made to you with the launch of F2, that it would be governed by this advisory board.
  • To discuss general updates to the F2 framework, industry outreach efforts, and other notable events.
  • To discuss common problems and solutions found in F2 implementations.
  • To provide a forum for members of the Advisory Board to make connections with one another.
  • To guide the specification and development of F2 as an open-source initiative.