F2 enables smarter financial apps

The goal of F2 is to define a development standard for the financial services industry that offers a cost saving, risk-reducing method for building innovative, multi-provider solutions. F2 is open, free and active on GitHub.

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F2 Container

An F2 Container is a web page that serves as the foundation of any F2-enabled solution. The Container is where Apps reside and, if you already have a website, you're one step away from F2-enabling it.

Setup a Container

F2 Apps

F2 Apps consist of HTML, JS, CSS and, optionally, data. They are synonymous with modules, widgets, and portlets. Think web-based HTML 5 charts, portfolios, trade tickets, and screeners.

Develop Apps

Extend F2

F2.js can be extended with custom plugins. Extending or overriding F2 provides direct access to F2.js API methods and allows customization on top of standardization.

Build Plugin

Get Started

To instantly F2-enable your solution, download and include F2.js on your web pages. It's only 7.6kb and works with jQuery, Angular, Dojo, ExtJS and other toolkits. You can use any backend you'd like; .NET, Java, Node.js, PHP and more are all supported.

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All releases are on GitHub and other versions of F2.js are detailed in the wiki.


F2 was open sourced in October 2012


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Get Involved

Technologists from global financial services firms are joining the developer community on GitHub to contribute to the future of F2.

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