F2 is an open and free framework, with transparency and collaboration as its guiding principles.

The F2 initiative is governed by an Advisory Board, and we publish the F2 guidelines, meeting minutes, key decisions and code on this website and other media, including GitHub.

Critical to growth of F2 is usage and adoption, as well as contribution to the initiative. Our favorite form of contribution is code, though we also welcome ideas, creative use cases, and other contributions.

If you're interested in getting involved, please take a look at our contribution guidelines for ideas.

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Project Guidelines

The F2 initiative is governed by the Project Guidelines set forth below. The Guidelines cover Advisory Board membership, Voting, Contributions, Working Practices, and Policies & Licensing.

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Advisory Board

F2 is run by Advisory Board comprised of 15 member firms. The Advisory Board meets quarterly, and provides guidance on the overall direction and roadmap for F2.

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Technical Steering Committee

Our 5-member Technical Steering Committee oversees Github administration, code maintenance and overall technical direction.

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F2 Advisory Board Members

Current Representatives

FactSetBryan Lenkerblenker AT factset DOT com
FactSetDan RoseDRose AT factset DOT com
Interactive Data Corporation (IDC)Bill Chambersbill.chambers AT interactivedata DOT com
Markit Frank Tarsillofrank.tarsillo AT markit DOT com
Markit Lara Edwardslara.edwards AT markit DOT com
Markit Chris Hunterchris.hunter AT markit DOT com
Markit Tim Burchamtim.burcham AT markit DOT com
Moody's AnalyticsGabe ArnettGabe.Arnett AT moodys DOT com
Moody's AnalyticsMichael Salk
Morgan StanleyJoe Ferlisijoseph.ferlisi AT morganstanley DOT com
Morgan StanleyJames Rajeshvincentjames.rajeshvincent AT morganstanley DOT com
MorningstarJim TannerJames.Tanner AT Morningstar DOT com
MorningstarBrian Deleganbrian.delegan AT morningstar DOT com
MT NewswiresBrooks McFeelybmcfeely AT midnighttrader DOT com
PershingDennis Laydendlayden AT pershing DOT com
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)Brad Abramsbrad.abrams AT rbc DOT com
S&P Capital IQLisa Meiselmanlisa_meiselman AT spcapitaliq DOT com
TD AmeritradeAdrian Hooperadrian.hooper AT tdameritrade DOT com
TIAA-CREFEric Franzeneric.franzen AT tiaa-cref DOT org
TIAA-CREFAshis Shakyaashis.shakya AT tiaa-cref DOT org

Get Involved

Easy ways to help and contribute

  1. Contribute code!
  2. Demo! Use F2 and let us know how it goes.
  3. Ask questions. Is something not working the way you thought it should? Let us know, and we're happy to help.
  4. Explore the Technical Roadmap
  5. Spread the word. Tell your internal teams about F2, use social media to share your success stories, mention F2 at conferences.
  6. Join the Advisory Board
  7. Help launch a new project with us. We want to solve common technology problems in financial services -- let us know how you think a problem should be solved, and we can help find a community to work with you on it.

F2 Project Guidelines


This document provides the guidelines under which the F2 project operates. It defines project roles and responsibilities, including who may vote on the direction of the project, how voting works, and how conflicts are resolved. These project guidelines supplement existing F2 documentation, including the open source license, contribution framework, and codebase. This document seeks to enable all F2 stakeholders, regardless of their level of involvement, to understand how the project operates and the value of their participation and contributions.


Advisory Board

  • The direction and oversight of the F2 project shall be determined by an Advisory Board
  • Markit, as initial project sponsor, shall put forth members of the informal advisory board as the initial formalized Advisory Board
  • There shall be no cap on the number of total Advisory Board members. The minimum number of Advisory Board members shall be three.
  • After the initial appointment, new members may be nominated by any sitting Advisory Board member. New members shall require a 2/3 vote of Advisory Board members, exclusive of any non-votes or abstentions.

Advisory Board Chair

  • The Chair of the Advisory Board shall serve a one (1) calendar year term separately from the member firm that they represent
  • Any sitting member may nominate an individual to serve as Advisory Board chair
  • The Chair shall be determined by a vote of the Advisory Board, and the individual who receives the most votes shall be named Chair
  • The Chair shall be responsible for:
    • Scheduling and setting the agenda for Advisory Board meetings and calls
    • Facilitating Advisory Board meetings
    • Taking notes on Advisory Board meetings and providing a synopsis back to the Advisory Board
    • Drafting an annual report on the status of the F2 project, including any issues or impediments

Advisory Board members

  • Advisory Board members are expected to:
    • Attend quarterly Advisory Board calls to provide feedback and direction
    • Promote F2 within the broader financial technology community
    • Contribute to the evolution of the F2 framework
  • Members of the Advisory Board may be removed by a 2/3 vote of Advisory Board members, exclusive of any non-votes or abstentions
  • Any Advisory Board member firm can voluntarily remove himself or his firm from the Advisory Board by providing written notice to the Advisory Board Chair
  • An Advisory Board member firm shall remain a member unless voluntarily resigned or removed via vote of the Advisory Board
  • Any member firm can have a reasonable number of individuals attend Advisory Board meetings, subcommittees or working groups on the firm’s behalf


  • The following matters require a 2/3 vote of Advisory Board members, exclusive of abstentions or non-votes:
    • Adding/Removing members
    • Direction of initiative or fundamental tenants of framework
    • Changing project guidelines
    • Formation of subcommittees
    • Adopting policies applicable to the F2 project
  • The following matters require a simple majority vote of Advisory Board members, exclusive of abstentions or non-votes:
    • Exploration or evaluation of new projects
    • F2 major version release schedule
    • F2 major feature enhancements
    • Calling an ad hoc meeting of the Advisory Board
    • Appointing Administrators (as defined below) of the F2 project
  • The primary mechanism for communication of votes shall be email sent to the Advisory Board Chair. Issues requiring a 2/3 vote shall be open for a period of ten business days to allow members time to consider the vote. Issues requiring a simple majority shall be open for a period of five business days.
  • In the event of a tie vote on a matter requiring a simple majority, the Advisory Board Chair will be called upon to break the tie

Contribution Process

  • Read access users are those who use F2. They contribute to projects by providing feedback to developers in the form of bug reports and feature suggestions. Such users may participate in the F2 community by helping other users on forums, as well as reviewing and commenting on code changes.
    • There is no maximum number of read access users
  • Write access users are those who contribute to the project in the form of code or documentation and are given limited write access to the F2 code repository. Such users may participate in discussions, provide patches, documentation, suggestions, etc.
    • There is no maximum number of write access users
  • Administrators have total control over the code repository and can review and accept changes from write access users and promote read access users to become write access users
    • There are currently two (2) Administrators
    • The maximum number of Administrators is five (5). New Administrators must be existing write access users and confirmed by a majority vote of the Advisory Board
    • Administrators who are not members may attend Advisory Board meetings (and/or relevant working groups or subcommittees) in a non-voting capacity

Working Practices

Communication Channels

  • The Advisory Board shall meet either by phone or in person no less than once per calendar quarter
  • Read access users and write access users interact via GitHub, F2 Google Group, StackOverflow, Slack, or a technical forum, as well as email

Creating and developing projects in the F2 community

  • Read or write access users may raise issues on GitHub for new ideas/new projects
  • Administrators may request that new project development be added to the agenda of the next Advisory Board meeting


  • Each contribution must be accompanied by an automated unit test
  • Each contribution must pass the accompanying unit test, while not causing any other contribution to cease functioning or fail relevant testing
  • Each contribution must be backward compatible with previous versions of F2
  • Each contribution must be verified by an Administrator
  • Contributions may not inclue fee-liable or licensed technology/proprietary tools not found in F2, adn may not introduce licensing conditions that go beyond the terms of the F2 Apache 2.0 license

Policies and Licensing

  • F2 is licensed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license
  • There are no membership agreements or fees to be a part of the Advisory Board at this time
  • There is no stated IP or branding policy at this time
  • There is no stated antitrust policy at this time